Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pasig River: Can it be resuscitated?

Eversince I was a kid, I've always heard of stories and songs dedicated to a wishful thinking of rehabilitating the Pasig River. Annually, campaigns and donations aimed to gather funds to be used in cleaning wastes in and around the river are launched. But it seems none of these acts by NGO's and government agencies have been instrumental in reviving the river. The picture of Pasig River is untouched. The water stinks and its color remains blur of muds and varied types of impurities.

Pasig River is a witness to the rich history of the Philippines. Stretching 25 kilometers from Laguna Lake to Manila Bay, the  river was described as the source of drinking water by the Philippine national hero Jose Rizal (June 19, 1861 – December 30, 1896) in his poem "By The Banks of the Pasig River."

Currently, the only living thing akin to fish inhabiting the water is the inedible janitor fish (Hypostomus plecostemus) which has been perceived as parasites. Having the capacity to thrive in dirty water, it annihilated other species of fish making the diversity of life in the river unbalanced. But even if the number of janitor fish was not abundant in the river, fishes could never withstand the harmful waste substances being disposed of into the water. The majority of wastes come from the factories and residences that dominate the riverbanks. The river is the easiest and quickest way to discharge their garbages into.

For years, the government has encouraged the citizens to be disciplined. A myriad of pamphlets and posts have been distributed to educate the people of the dangers posed by dirty environment. Evidently, none of these are encouraging enough. Even though mother nature itself lashed the country when the great rain water inundated the city living a number of death,  her action did not become unforgettable enough for people to learn the value of keeping a safe environment.

Pasig river paints the faces of undisciplined individuals who have no values for his or her surroundings, and of failed battles of hopeful individuals desirous of change.For the undisciplined ones, the river is merely a huge trash can that can be used free of charge. For those hopeful individuals, the rehabilitation of Pasig River is a journey of a life time. They are armored with love for the environment They know the harmful impact of the inhabitable river on the ecosystem; therefore, they perpetually fight to keep the river breathing even though the goal seems to be out of sight

Pasig River Before
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Pasig River Today
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  1. FYI, the picture on the lower photo with caption "Pasig River Today" is NOT PASIG RIVER. It is actually a heavily-polluted river in Indonesia. To the writer of this blog, please be responsible and do not exaggerate the article. Pasig river is not as polluted and trash-filled as the one illustrated on the picture above. Thanks!